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Reality Check+Log In Sequence

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...I am sorry I did not make it to help out with moving on 14th.
I am unsure where I am right now. It looks like it is part of the Digital world, and I was pulled into a portal on the way to Sora san's.

A lot has happened in the meantime, but I just wanted to let you know that I am safe, thanks to a strange Airdramon I met on the way.
He spoke of a ferternal twins he met the other day, who made it back to the world, but he was concerned that the "broken sky"(I have no idea what he means) is no more.

Could you please let my mother know I am safe?

It took me over a week to find a place that I could leave a voice-post...
Ugh... I just hope I'll be back home by September.
I have to go to school.


It has been half a week into my summer vacation, and I must say, so far it's been pretty dull.
I was passed out onto my bed the day after the finals, which,I believe is the norm for most of us students.
A full week of test and the anxiety seems to have that effect, especially that was one course I wasn't entirely confident on.

The day after and the following day, my grandfather asked me to repair the roof with him, in case it rained like crazy as it has in our neighbourhood country, Korea. Thankfully, he is wise, and it has came to be true, but the work was hellish; It was very hot, and I suffered sunburns even after SPF 50 sunscreen.
Kakigori mom made for us afterward was truly delightful, but her and grandpa's smug faces made me retreat from the kitchen most promptly as possible.
I suppose, they were happy because I didn't look sickly. (It's been ages since I am this tanned.)

Then the next day mother dragged me to shopping.
It's an activity I do not usually enjoy doing, and this time proved no differ.
Too bad we can't live without having to do it. (If I am well off enough in the futre I might just hire a maid.)

And finally today, I was able to get some peace of mind by escaping to library.
I read up on coming-to-age stories in the library, and couple news article.
I sure hope our beloved Mt.Fuji would become cultural heratage treasure.
It has every right in the world to deserve that title, and I'm sure Hokusai would think the same.

Also I met a Kendo-bu underclassman at the library. He too, was burnt to the crisp, but for a different reason.
He told me he had went on a bike-riding trip around the country, for some soul searching.
Perhaps I'll try that sometime this month.
I've heard from my mother, she had done that with my father when they first became lovers.
From her story all the blisters, camping out, late night chats, and fights sounds more like hassel than it was fun, but her expression noted the otherwise.

Granted it would be entirely different story when you go there alone vs. with a lover, but I want to try it.
After all, I wonder what it would feel like, getting to the end of the Japan solely on my will and my two legs.
I wonder, what'll be the first thought that pops into my head upon seeing the horizon.

Vacation starts in
5 Days.
I shell make some time for hang outs.

I feel weird to say this,
but I actually miss company.

...and now back to studying.

Summer heat and new office fashion
...I do understand it's weird coming from me of all people,
but I feel simply compelled to say something about this... 'Super Cool Biz' campaign.

While the intension is great and I support the idea of staying cool in the scorching heat,

...Those pants just aren't cut out for any professionalism.

I can see why some people endorse it, but it gets shocking...
Especially on my grandpa!

He thinks he's being hip walking around at home in that get up,
but wasn't it supposed to be an office get up?
I'm glad he's full of life and spirit, but sometimes I get the impression he's sucking the youth out of me-
...I thought the young-uns were supposed to be the reckless and liberal.

And it makes me shake my head further in disagreement when mom encourages the act, then comments,
"I would've loved to have seen your dad in that get up--- Oh! I know, maybe you could wear it for me?"

I was-with difficulty- able to politely decline the 'kind' offer of the duo,
of renewing and 'brightening up' my closet..
They were very persistant.
I usually take it as a compliment when my mom comments how much I resemble my father,but I just...simply cannot this one instance.

I seriously hope that trend won't stay by the time I graduate.
I know I would be twitching my eyebrows all day if the procecutor showed up in that get up...
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It was a rainy day, and on a four way sign, my grandfather's car got hit, as he was making a left.
No one was hurt, and the driver-who was young woman in twenties- had admitted everything was her fault.
I can assume how scary it would've been for her, granted it's the police car he was driving.

...While everything seem to have turned our pretty well,I am certainly unhappy.
There were reasons why I was against of my grandfather attaining driver's lisence two years ago.

His complaints on rainy days has gotten worse.
With parents day just around the corner of this month,
I'm considering to break my savings and take him to an acupunture doctor.

...Also, I might re-think on learning to drive, for awhile.


Taking a Breather
Greetings everyone, from Toudai.
It's pleasing to become a living proof of the countless self-study books out there.
If you put in enough effort, it does happen.
However, I am in doubt of my intelligent capacity now more than ever. It feels like everyone in the facility is intelligent as Koushirou san. It's very daunting, yet thankfully, I'm in lawschool and the majority of population here doesn't seem to speak 133T, whatever that means, Miyako san.

Iori debated for a moment, whether he should attatch -chan- instead, but he chickened out.
After all, it has been over six months.
The freshman also poundered a bit on writing on the subject of Earthquake, but decided not to.

If you need me for anything, I can be usually found at the library.
My cell phone is xxxx-yyy-zzzz. Please text me,otherwise, I'll disturb others in the faciilty.
I feel utterly unintelligent in this campus, but know I have always been better at being deligent than most geniuses.

My mother had ordered a reader to congratulate me on being accepted-
It is a great idea, but I doubt it'll ever replace real books.
The smell of paper, and the density of the hard cover paperbacks are what I've always enjoyed,
and it's tough to get the same feeling on a digital screen.
It also doesn't help that I am not entirely sure how to navigate this thing yet.
Whether this invention makes my life easier or not, I was more flattered my mother expected me to pass.

And, thanks everyone, who came to my graduation. Sorry I was brisk that day. I wanted to avoid them senpai-kouhai drama at clubs.
I never understood that tradition with the buttons anyways. Not that I was chased, but what's the use of a button on a jacket?
Most of my buttons are still in tact, and the jacket is in my closet for memories.
I was shocked to hear from a friend after, that the Kendo-club's president cried. He still drops by at the Police dojo time to time just to say hi.

It's weird. University life is so different from highschool already.
Miyako san, whatever happened to meeting me at Toudai? *smirk*

Couple aquintances of mine from Kendo club has been big into...whatever they're into.
and when I walked by them and their labtops during lunch hour, they were laughing so loud it wsa disturbing the peace of the cafeteria.
Naturally, I stopped by to tell them to be quiet.

Strangely, one of them asked me to sit down with them,
and had me watch couple clips on Youtube, after apologising for being so loud.

And the conclusion is,
I don't get their sense of humor.

...What's so great about a guy being tossed out of airplane to serve as a human bomb?
It offends me that they get a kick out of such morbid animation.

I swiftly rejected their invitation to another clip and got up to leave,
but it looked like he wanted me there just so he could look at my face upon seeing it.
As I left I heard them laugh.

Immature jerks.
They should be glad I'm not you, Kyo-chan.

(OOC: He is so fishing for reaction too ROFL)

[Log-in Progress] Efforts Mean Everything.
When: Saturday, Oct.23 nearing lunch time
Who: Iori, Upamon (NPCed by Osamu mun), Koushirou, Miyako, Ken
Summary: While trying to learn something new, Iori ended up food poisoning Upamon. So he's staying home, trying his best to "nurse" the Digimon back to health. Will his attempt at porridge go flawlessly this time, with help from Miyako and Ken or will set the kitchen on fire? The almighty tasting judge witll be Koushirou.

          Iori scratched the back of his head as he stared at the "recipe" his mother had left him. It was looking more like a grocery shopping list than the instuction to his dismay. He knows very well what had happened the last time he tried to make-do curry with the instruction.
          'This is troublesome...'    Short brunette glanced at the room where Upamon was. Knowing the digimon it'll try its best to eat whatever concoction his expriement may create, but he did not want him to be sicker- no matter how seldom they talked these days.
          'That's probably why he forced it down...' He thought as the pang of guilt tugged on his heart. Looking through the spices in the cupboards, he quickly picked out seseme seed oil, soy sauce, and salt.


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