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Taking a Breather
Greetings everyone, from Toudai.
It's pleasing to become a living proof of the countless self-study books out there.
If you put in enough effort, it does happen.
However, I am in doubt of my intelligent capacity now more than ever. It feels like everyone in the facility is intelligent as Koushirou san. It's very daunting, yet thankfully, I'm in lawschool and the majority of population here doesn't seem to speak 133T, whatever that means, Miyako san.

Iori debated for a moment, whether he should attatch -chan- instead, but he chickened out.
After all, it has been over six months.
The freshman also poundered a bit on writing on the subject of Earthquake, but decided not to.

If you need me for anything, I can be usually found at the library.
My cell phone is xxxx-yyy-zzzz. Please text me,otherwise, I'll disturb others in the faciilty.
I feel utterly unintelligent in this campus, but know I have always been better at being deligent than most geniuses.

My mother had ordered a reader to congratulate me on being accepted-
It is a great idea, but I doubt it'll ever replace real books.
The smell of paper, and the density of the hard cover paperbacks are what I've always enjoyed,
and it's tough to get the same feeling on a digital screen.
It also doesn't help that I am not entirely sure how to navigate this thing yet.
Whether this invention makes my life easier or not, I was more flattered my mother expected me to pass.

And, thanks everyone, who came to my graduation. Sorry I was brisk that day. I wanted to avoid them senpai-kouhai drama at clubs.
I never understood that tradition with the buttons anyways. Not that I was chased, but what's the use of a button on a jacket?
Most of my buttons are still in tact, and the jacket is in my closet for memories.
I was shocked to hear from a friend after, that the Kendo-club's president cried. He still drops by at the Police dojo time to time just to say hi.

It's weird. University life is so different from highschool already.
Miyako san, whatever happened to meeting me at Toudai? *smirk*

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I knew you could do it, Iori! Considering how much you study, there was no doubt in my mind. Congrats!

But really, what's with the formal speech towards me? I thought we'd gone over this before? Sheesh.. For someone so smart, you sure seem to forget things a lot!

Heeeeh? Not all of your buttons got taken? You better have saved one for me, Iori! I can't believe you're out of high school now. Seems like just yesterday you and I were going to elementary school together.. Time sure flies, huh?

Toudai? What about Toudai?

Iori blushed at the older girl's comment about the button and rolled his eyes, and composed his message in plain tense.

Sorry, didn't meant to offend you by reverting back to Keigo.
I thought... you might have forgotten because it's been so long.
I still feel a bit uneasy talking in plain tense, so would it be alright if I kept this habit private for awhile?

Also, I do not have a button to give you.
I already gave you my second button that day. Did you not check your pockets?

Pffttt, my memory isn't that bad, Iori! You're my best friend, you don't need to be formal with me!
But if you want, you can save it for private occasions. I'm okay with that.

Wait - what? You did?

Miyako blinked in a mixture of surprise and confusion before getting up to check the pocket of the jacket she'd worn that day.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you. I am doing well.
How about you Hikari-san.

Younger boy shook his head as the dared kiss on the cheek flashed in his head. It felt weird, being aware of Hikari of all people.
To him, she was always a mystery, almost like an etheral being, and it felt weird to even contemplate on the possibility he once had thought about. After all, wasn't she like her Digimon in that sense?

Resting his chin on his left hand to ponder his response for a moment, Iori rubbed his temples casually. Books were nice, but it was a surprising to find out, company of another person can be peacefully pleasant, once mutual friendship was set in air.

... Or was it entirely friendship?

Uncertain, Iori shook his head again...

It might be nice to take a break from study every once in awhile.
Awhile ago, you were having sleep problems-
Has it stopped?
The Digimon sightings have stopped...so hopefully it did as well?

He caught himself almost writing about his own troubles, then shook his head. It was unnesassairly, and he wasn't sure why his hands moved on his own.
Sighing out loud, He swallowed.

...Maybe I was lonely.
Gazing down at the top of his desk, Iori posted.
She sounded -much- more formal than she had been the previous year.

I hope you're doing as well as I am.

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It puzzles me that you'd find it insulting. Care to enlighten me?

Congratulations to you too.
I've also noticed more of them have capacity to be anal, as well as prideful.
I've been called that a couple times already, yet, it's the by product of pointing out the fact that they're morons.

If you've had the same experience, I'm sure we'll get along just fine.
I'm in no way a genius, but I do appreciate the real deal.

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Ryo followed along the public threads, particularly between Osamu and Iori. There was really no way Iori couldn't catch on, and there were going to be questions. Time to take this to meatspace.

Hey, Iori! I see you met my roommate. Seeing as we all go to Todai, why don't we have a little lunch date? Catch up a bit? It's been a while and things have been so crazy at the clinic that I hardly see you anymore.

Oh? Polymethodic-san Is your roommate?
Hmm. Nevermind, Ichijouji-san would be correct.
Small world, if you ask me.

I haven't seen anyone in awhile, to be frank.
A lunch would be nice. I haven't had the opportunity past little while.

Iori wondered briefly about how much Ryo knows, about his roommate and the Digital world. He's always thought Ryo was a camp-loving co-worker of his, oblivious of the Digital world. (Clearly, Iori hasn't been keeping up with Ryo's journal.)

Didn't Botamon surprise you?

Congratulations on your high school graduation and acceptance into law school! If they let you in you must be smart. And you'll get used to the change in time.

Thanks for the encouragement.
Sorry I didn't get to see you when you were over in Japan.

Congratulations! Remember us once you're a fancy lawyer dude.

What's you're school like?

Hm. It's filled with lots of smart people and stuck ups.
Facility is clean and the workers are deligent.
The general atmosphere feels like,
"We're the model Japanese."

...Not that I've any complaints.

Huh, Sounds like a bunch of you clones! We've got to visit STAT before you get all stuffy on us...Wait... too late.

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