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Summer heat and new office fashion
...I do understand it's weird coming from me of all people,
but I feel simply compelled to say something about this... 'Super Cool Biz' campaign.

While the intension is great and I support the idea of staying cool in the scorching heat,
...Those pants just aren't cut out for any professionalism.

I can see why some people endorse it, but it gets shocking...
Especially on my grandpa!

He thinks he's being hip walking around at home in that get up,
but wasn't it supposed to be an office get up?
I'm glad he's full of life and spirit, but sometimes I get the impression he's sucking the youth out of me-
...I thought the young-uns were supposed to be the reckless and liberal.

And it makes me shake my head further in disagreement when mom encourages the act, then comments,
"I would've loved to have seen your dad in that get up--- Oh! I know, maybe you could wear it for me?"

I was-with difficulty- able to politely decline the 'kind' offer of the duo,
of renewing and 'brightening up' my closet..
They were very persistant.
I usually take it as a compliment when my mom comments how much I resemble my father,but I just...simply cannot this one instance.

I seriously hope that trend won't stay by the time I graduate.
I know I would be twitching my eyebrows all day if the procecutor showed up in that get up...
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Oh my goodness, one of the interns wears pants like that and they don't suit him at all. I can't imagine a grandfather wearing them! Not mine, anyway.

I've seen way too many people in get-ups like this. It's... not something most of them can pull off without looking like giant dorks.

Good on you for sticking to your guns.

Huh? I don't see anything wrong with it... It looks kinda comfortable!

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