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It has been half a week into my summer vacation, and I must say, so far it's been pretty dull.
I was passed out onto my bed the day after the finals, which,I believe is the norm for most of us students.
A full week of test and the anxiety seems to have that effect, especially that was one course I wasn't entirely confident on.

The day after and the following day, my grandfather asked me to repair the roof with him, in case it rained like crazy as it has in our neighbourhood country, Korea. Thankfully, he is wise, and it has came to be true, but the work was hellish; It was very hot, and I suffered sunburns even after SPF 50 sunscreen.
Kakigori mom made for us afterward was truly delightful, but her and grandpa's smug faces made me retreat from the kitchen most promptly as possible.
I suppose, they were happy because I didn't look sickly. (It's been ages since I am this tanned.)

Then the next day mother dragged me to shopping.
It's an activity I do not usually enjoy doing, and this time proved no differ.
Too bad we can't live without having to do it. (If I am well off enough in the futre I might just hire a maid.)

And finally today, I was able to get some peace of mind by escaping to library.
I read up on coming-to-age stories in the library, and couple news article.
I sure hope our beloved Mt.Fuji would become cultural heratage treasure.
It has every right in the world to deserve that title, and I'm sure Hokusai would think the same.

Also I met a Kendo-bu underclassman at the library. He too, was burnt to the crisp, but for a different reason.
He told me he had went on a bike-riding trip around the country, for some soul searching.
Perhaps I'll try that sometime this month.
I've heard from my mother, she had done that with my father when they first became lovers.
From her story all the blisters, camping out, late night chats, and fights sounds more like hassel than it was fun, but her expression noted the otherwise.

Granted it would be entirely different story when you go there alone vs. with a lover, but I want to try it.
After all, I wonder what it would feel like, getting to the end of the Japan solely on my will and my two legs.
I wonder, what'll be the first thought that pops into my head upon seeing the horizon.