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Reality Check+Log In Sequence

[[The list of the logs with Iori involved so far.. ]]
[[In progress logs are noted with an <i>
Logs that will stay unfinished will have strike over titles.
Monologues revealing character developments are in italics
My personal favorites are marked with **]]

June.24/10: A chance Encounter  :With Hikari
June.26/10: Photo Time! *Note: Will not be continued because our Sora mun then, dropped.

July.  03/10: Self Log #1
July.  07/10:  Tanabata Feat:Hikari/Momoe/Yamato/Daisuke/Mimi
July.  11/10: A Study Break :Feat. Hikari/ Momoe
July.  11/10: A Letter Unsent
July.   22/10: Now What Went Wrong?: Feat. Koushirou/Daisuke
July.   23/10: Gathering Thought
July.   25/10: A Walk
July.   28/10: Digimon Sightings

Aug.  19/10: Just a Conversation? <i> Feat. Takeru
Aug.   20/10: An Important Conversation Feat. Hikari
Aug:   22/10: A Trip Overdue
Aug:   23/10: Too Long a Wait  Feat. Upamon NPCed by Sora mun
Aug.   25/10: Uncomfortable Discussion <i> Feat:Ken
Aug.  -28/10: **Mikami Canyon** <i> Feat. Koushirou
Aug.   28/10: A Hero
Aug.   29/10: A Lunch Date?!  Feat. Miyako (Thanks Ally, for helping me finish!<3)

Oct.   10/10: Coffee is good for your soul <i> Feat.Hikari
Oct     2_ /10: Effort Means Everything <i> Feat.Miyako/Upamon(Thanks Breezy, for NPC!)

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