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Upamon got a food poisoning from eating the currry I made.
I told him he doesn't have to eat it, but it looked like he was making an effort to say it was good.
...This is quite troublesome because there's no doctor for Digimon...

...And on that note I'll stay home all weekend, nursing him.

I'm uncertain if I should continue persuit of this 'new hobby'
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The other day, Hikari san suggested to me that I should get a new hobby.
So I tried at my hand at cooking again.

...Why is that I fail at cooking rice, our staple food?

My plan was to save my mother trouble of giving me rice and soy sauce for dinner tonight-
and make myself rice and soy sauce-

...I guess I'll just have to settle for soy sauce.

[In Progress Log] Coffee is Good for your Soul
When:Saturday Oct 09th  Around 8am
Who: Hikari and Iori
Short Summary: Iori contemplates on his findings at sleepover, and runs into Hikari at Starbucks when he skips school for probably the first and the last time for his life. How would he react at seeing his crush's best friend whom now he suspects has crush for him? (I'm such a girl, and I know RAWR)

Sitting himself down onto a swing, the green eyed teen sighed. It was the fourth day since he sabotaged his mother's diet, and that also meant it was also the forth day of his breakfast was only consisting of rice porridge and soy sauce.

'I'm not the one who's on a diet.'
Iori frowned, slouching into the swing, and eyed little kids walk on by clad in their yellow raincoats and boots, hand in hand with their mothers to the kindergarten.

Iori glumly gazed at his school bag,resting by the cold metal bar of the swing.
Gazing into the cloudy sky, Iori for once in his life time, thought he would like to skip school.
Even though he was surrounded by freshly painted leaves and street filled with others clad in warm fall colour,
he couldn't help but feel empty inside.

His life was back on track, mostly- except he wasn't talking too much with Upamon still-
and it's been over a month since he stopped posting online as his secret identity.
Next week was midterm, and he KNEW he'll ace it, and uneventful days passed by routinely.
There was comfort in routine. His life was on a good track again-doesn't make him a saint though-
but it was just so, so...
He searched for a word gazing into gray sky. It looked ready to cry any moment.


Mid-Autumn Blues...Collapse )
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I did not have anything against the red-hand shaped leaves until today.

My mother decided to try something called "Maple syrup diet" and started drinking concoction consisting of lemon juice, syrup, and pepper. In all sense of logical mind, how is drinking sugar water would help you with loss of lipids? I gave her my opinion, and some scientific facts, but it frustrates me to no end that she decides to try it out anyhow. I hope she won't hurt herself doing this.

It is annoying enough that I over-hear people talking about "Maple story" and fad-diet like this,
but on top of that my homework for English is to write a poem using the word "maple"

Want to take a wild guess who will chuck some unneeded condiment tonight?

Private to Takeru
It shames me to ask for help in such matter,
But... How should I make up with Upamon?
I cannot get him to Digivolve.
I found the fact out at Mikami canyon exploration with Koushirou san,
and has requested Taichi san to pull me out of any more of possible adventure.
He doesn't know the exact cause of my request.

Upamon has been living at my household since two month ago,
but I'm just at loss whenever I see him and I usually end up studying in his presence.
It has became awkward to the point he sleeps at my mom's room.

How do you maintain relationship with Patamon?

*PS: I would appriciate it if you'd not inform any others of this.


I recall the time I used to dwell on not being able to post every two days, but it has been over two weeks already.
Somehow it makes me feel not deligent, and I do not fancy that.

The school festival was.... cliche. If any of you wanted to come, sorry I kept quiet about it.
I still argue, school festivals are waste of time and effort- but that could be said for most of the "school sprit" kind of activities. I honestly think we could use that funding to fund a information seminar or inspiring lecture instead, and benefit loads of intelligent people.
Though, this is the exact reason I do not share my LJ address to my "friends" at school.

I'm glad to hear most of you are keeping busy, at college!
After all, the duty of a student is to study, and fill your brains to pave roads to your upcoming life.
I dread to start that... the amount of money I would have to earn after graduating makes me cringe in advance,
probably a couple years too early.

Now that the school festival is out of the way, tests are coming up.
I'm glad there are plenty of opportunity to showcase my intelligence...
Do they post your test scores in universities as well? I know they do on the entrance exams.

On the side note, it seems digimons sightings have died down- correct?
I am not sure if I feel -safe- about it, it just feels like a slime-down-your-back waiting to happen.

PS:Koushirou san, when's that seminar you mentioned the other day?

Truth and Dare
so EVIL.


Private to Miyako: Kyo-chan.
The brunette blushed as he typed it up.

It was good to see you.

He contemplated on writing 'I missed you so much', but knowing her, she'd tease him.
Deciding to forget that comment altogether, he continued typing message, this time to other people.

Nice seeing you today Ichijouji san, and Hikari san.

The movie was interesting. Much better than I thought it would be, but I should note I did not like the ending.
It had interesting concept, nice pacing, and the action to boot.
Seemingly eternal falling of the truck was lame still.
I didn't think much of Leonard Di Caprio in Taitanic, but he always seems to be in more intelligent-ish movies.
I was tad disappointed the showing was Japanese dubbed- I would've preferred English because it'll help with my studying.
Movie would've been better if it was less ambigous, while some may argue it's nicer staying open-ended to allow audience to make the story into their own.

School is starting next week... It's time to get serious one more time, and I feel conflicted.
Perhaps it's time I should once again confine myself into the ever inviting silence of library and sort my brain out.

On that note, when are the research confrence dates, Koushirou san?
I somehow get the bleak feeling we might not get to go to those at all due paranormal activities- but keep me posted anyways.

Private to self:
1. Should I keep Upamon here in the real world with me, especially with the school starting?
2. Should I even try to help out with the Digital world matter knowing I won't be much of a help?
3. Should I go to the Saturday's sleepover?

Life would be so much better if it was black and white!

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[In-Progress Log] Hida Iori VS. The World

Who: Iori, Hikari, Ken
Where: Odaiba, Tokyo, Aqua plex area
When: Thursday Sept.2. Afternoon
Summary: After reading heartfelt post of Hikari, Iori invited Ken after reading the older boy's reply, to avoid hanging out with Ken while Miyako is present.  Slightly annoyed at Ken inquiring about Miyako's attendance at sleepover, how would Iori react to spending an afternoon with his rival? And what would Hikari do between the two boys, one irratable(?) and another oblivious?

         The train shook with the flood of people hitting the busy streets of Odaiba just before the school started. In midst of the people of various age, a short haired boy grumbled as he checked the weather via his newspaper. 'Thirty-three celcius degree!' He exclaimed inwardly as another group of highschoolers got onto the sqare, electricity run train, adding to the heat-wave he was positive was fueling his annoyance. 'At least I can get off soon-' Iori thought to himself as he started fanning himself with the newspaper quietly, as warm voice of Maria Yamamot notified the general public of arrival in Shibauro Futo stop of Yurikamome.
'Just one more stop...' Iori thought to himself as he gazed outside into the blue sky, which made him feel more gloomy. He inwardly kicked himself once again for inviting the blue haired teen to the movies. He was -not- looking forward to the outing, and he let out a small sigh as he ran a hand behind his ear.

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[Log ] A Lunch Date?!

When: Sunday Aug. 29th noonish
Who: Iori and Miyako
Where: Ai Mart
Summary: At last! Iori finally gets to meet Miyako, after being found out by Hikari and Momoe about his secret crush. Completely oblivious to his heartache, what damage would self proclaimed miss. Traditional -Japanese- Beauty deliever to him?


            The day was clear and the sun shined brightly above off-gray apartments, and the cries of ciders added life to the streets of Odaiba. Though it was another typical summer day in Japan, breaking sweat from everyone’s forehead, Iori could not help but feel elated. He turned a corner passing by a group of high school girls singing along BoA’s “Woo Weekend” airing from nearby electronics shop, and cracked a smile as their liveliness reminded him of certain someone.



Follow the nervous teen!Collapse )

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